Star Your Year Slowly

Adam Stansbury
2 min readJan 6, 2023

I write this as much for myself as I do for you, as always we coach what we need to learn

As the New Year hit this week I could feel this impatient restlessness in me that wanted to get going, wanted to achieve my goals immediately, completely neglecting the process I was in leading up to the year end. One of allowing life to unfold, all in good time, building solid foundations slowly and deliberately.

As the year ends we like to reflect, look back and plan our goals out and then we go into an energetic hibernation during the Christmas period. We relax, eat food we wouldn’t normally eat, we probably drink more than we normally do and exercise less, we also take time out to forget about work in many respects.

We slow down.

Then the new year hits and we/I try to go back into full throttle and speed ahead before the smoke from the last firework has cleared.

December is the month when we start to slow things down, tapering our energy and output so that we arrive at Christmas time with a gentle stroll (theoretically), it takes us all month to do this.

So it makes sense that January is the month when we need to start creating momentum once again, from pretty much a standing stop. That momentum doesn’t just happen over night.

We are energetic beings and need to take our time to allow our vibration to increase once again, to get back into our routines with food, exercise, relationships, family, and work.

So this month I encourage you/me to slow down, enjoy the process of speeding back up, take your time to think about and lay the foundations for your year, and let go of any frustrations you may have with the speed in which you are currently travelling.

Trust that by taking your time, once you hit full speed at the end of the month, the tracks you’ve built for the year will be strong and sturdy enough to see you through the year ahead.

Enjoy a more present and intentional January

Observe Your Kingdom

January is the perfect month to honestly assess your ‘Kingdom’ (your life) to see where you are now, so that you can see where you want to be heading.

This is the topic in Week 1 of my INNER EARTH program for more information click here.



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