Your Breakdown Will Lead To Your Breakthrough

Adam Stansbury
2 min readJan 4, 2023

2021 was a year of symbolic Death for many of my personal and professional identities. The vegan, the personal trainer, the vegan personal trainer, the old Instagram account and the end of a romantic relationship.

I hit the peak of the storm a year ago in December when I had my own emotional breakdown which led me into 2022 and a beautiful year of rebirth.

I moved country, I brought out a new book, I travelled to South America, I sat with plant medicines again, I looked deep within and when I was ready, I came home.

I’ve been forced to let go of life, and allow it to unfold in order to become my own supernova.

This concept of becoming a Supernova was inspired by this passage from Brianna Weist’s book ‘The Mountain is You’.

“The breakdown is often just the tipping point that proceeds the breakthrough, the moment a star implodes before it becomes a supernova.”

‘The Mountain is You’ by Brianna Weist

So if you’re going through your own breakdown and can’t see a way out or it ever ending, I totally hear you, it’s hard but you will come through it and if you allow it to, this period of your life will become a great catalyst for you to become your own Supernova.

If you’d like help becoming a Supernova in 2023 my INNER EARTH program can help you through the difficult transition.

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