Why Separation is an Illusion

Adam Stansbury
4 min readAug 25, 2023



I had a moment of ‘Reality Clarity’ this week.

You know one of those epiphanies about life or the universe that hit you right between the eyes and stop you in your tracks.

This email may make sense to you or maybe it won’t, but I’ll do my best to share with you the words I’ve found to explain it, so bear with me it’s a bit of a mind bender.

FYI I’m still sitting with the realisation I had, walking in nature contemplating it and meditating on it.

It was a realisation so vast, so simple and so paradoxically complex it’s hard to explain.

Like many of these truths, so easy to intellectualise, but when you really get it and truly feel it, something shatters inside you.

IFS (Internal Family Systems)

I’ve been reading this book on the ‘Introduction to Internal Family Systems’ this week.

If you don’t know anything about IFS it’s a method of psychotherapy that speaks directly to the inner parts of ourselves that are holding us back or creating dysfunction, much like a member of an external family who maybe causing problems to the family unit.

For example, you may choose to open up a dialogue with the part of you that is Self-Critical which you can feel is causing you problems.

You approach it as you would an individual, compassionately asking why it is there, where it came from and what it’s intentions are.

Using this approach, a therapist can start to unravel underlying reasons why they are there, in order to let them go and transmute the unhelpful parts of ourselves into more useful players.

There was a section in the book which spoke about the processes of the brain and how it puts them into clusters which may include: memories, emotions, perceptions of the world and behaviours. All formed into separate internal units ready to be activated under the right conditions.

At that moment I looked inside myself and I realised that I am never alone, even when I feel I am.

Who actually am I?

When the realisation hit me, I felt myself dissolve into the world around me.

  • I am not just one being.
  • I am a physical being made up of many different physical beings. In the form of limbs, organs, bacteria, and cells.
  • I am a mental being made up of many different mentally formed beings. Inner parts, clusters of thoughts, emotions, behaviours and perceptions.
  • I am an energetic body made up of many different energetic bodies. Unseen elements and infinite space.
  • I am one consciousness.

So… can I really claim this existence as my own, celebrating the wins as mine, when there is more to me than meets the eye and many unseen supportive players waiting in the wings.

When I let go of my identity and observe as the presence behind my eyes, I realise my body is nothing compared to what I truly am and what you truly are.

Our bodies are mere focal points for our soul’s experience.

Our body is in fact in our soul, rather than our soul in our body.

When the body dies, it just falls away and our souls focal point expands infinitely beyond the body.

This is why people who have experienced NDE’s (Near Death Experience) find that their consciousness shifts immediately to other locations with the speed of a thought.

I am / we are one consciousness observing and experiencing itself.

The Fractal Nature of our Universe

It is a world with no end,

Cells within cells,

Beings within beings,

Life within Life,

Journeys within journeys,

Planets within Solar Systems,

Solar Systems within Galaxies,

Galaxies within Universes,

Universes within Multiverses,

God within God.


For this world to exist there must be one, but there cannot be one without many,

We can’t escape unity, because we are never alone, everything we do as individuals contributes to and impacts the whole.

‘We Are One’ and at the same time ‘We Are Many’.

We are as they say a ‘Divine Dichotomy’.

You literally are the centre of the Universe as it expands from you, and through you,

…and so on,



Let go of the illusion of separation, you are far greater than that.



Adam Stansbury

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