Use your IMAGination

Adam Stansbury
2 min readJul 21, 2022

I was told constantly as a kid to ‘use my imagination’. Usually when having to amuse myself at times when there was no one around to play with. Then as adults, we a no longer encouraged to maintain those powers.

As children we all grow up with wild imaginations, we think the impossible possible as we aren’t yet burdened with the adult dream killer notion of ‘that’ll never work!’

Then we hit a certain age and we start to become affected by our relationship with the environment and with other people, which in turn affects our relationship with ourselves.

Before you can say ‘anything is possible’ you become fitted with your very own well-worn suit of society that weighs you down and prevents you from seeing out of the box.

You become programmed by a society that says it wants to fly to Australia but is heading towards Italy.

And there you stay working towards the only things you now believe is possible: a house, a car, the odd holiday, retirement, pension and slowly deteriorating health, basically a life named by others created from memory rather than a life filled with fresh adventures and new possibilities.

So why does this happen?

Because you can only create what you can imagine and your imagination got put in a box when you were young and has been hidden away ever since!

But you still have it, you just need to get it out of the box again and start using it, flexing it as if you were taking your imagination to the gym.

Once you relearn to use your powerful imagination you can create anything in your life you wish to be, do and have.

Add a dose of trust and surrender to the process and you’re right back on track!

Stop creating and living a life, that you don’t want to live!!

How do I relearn to use my imagination?

By taking time out to use it, taking time out of your day to wonder, to sit quietly and daydream, what could you create in your life right now that doesn’t already exist?

Start flexing your imagination muscle, and make lists of ideas, they don’t all have to come to anything but it’ll get you back in the habit of creating and believing.

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