The Power of Moving Intuitively

Adam Stansbury
3 min readJun 9, 2023

When we are in our formative years, learning how to use our bodies, we move intuitively and connect with what feels good. Our movement is driven by play and having fun. However, as we grow up, our lives become filled with activities that leave less time for play and fun. Thus, we must carve out time in our busy schedules for physical activity.

As we leave behind the structured institutions of school, college, and university that foster play and fun through team sports, we may start losing our connection to the joy of exercise. Our schedules become more regimented, and so does our movement. This often leads us to adopt a strategy of working out at the local gym. Let me clarify that I’m not against that; I have personally been doing it for over 20 years.

However, it was this structured way of moving and exercising that created a need in me for more play, fun, and joy in my movement. I wanted to break free from the rigid box my body had been confined to. Having been a Personal Trainer for 14 years, I understand the importance of discipline and consistency for adaptation and physical progression. Yet, my obsession with structure was stripping away the fluidity and enjoyment from my movement.

Nevertheless, I also recognize the significance of initially learning to exercise and move with structure and discipline, as it paves the way for greater freedom later on. One of my favourite quotes is:

“Learn the rules like a Master, so you can break them like an Artist.”

I recall hearing Rich Froning, the four-time CrossFit Champion, say something along the lines of “What’s the point of fitness if you don’t use it?”. Here’s a man who has trained with discipline and structure for years, mastering his body to such an extent that he can tackle a diverse range of random workout situations competently. This exemplifies the outcome of CrossFit training — to prepare the body for any physical challenge by training across multiple disciplines.

It is this versatility that makes CrossFit popular among special forces worldwide. Unlike bodybuilding, which focuses on specific body parts, they must be physically prepared for any scenario, as it could mean life or death. They must be so well-versed in various skills that their movements and reactions become intuitive, requiring less conscious thought, thereby saving time and potentially lives.

Discovering Animal Flow, a dynamic bodyweight movement practice with origins in BJJ, Capoeira, Yoga, and Parkour, liberated me from my limited way of moving and training. After years of traditional weight training in the gym, following set programs and schedules, Animal Flow offered a new perspective. However, I soon realized that even Animal Flow could become another structure or box that I found myself in, with specific movement names, flows, and guidelines to adhere to.

It was only when I started using Animal Flow spontaneously, moving and flowing without a pre-existing choreographed plan, that I truly broke free. Today, my use of Animal Flow has transformed into an intuitive dance rather than an exercise routine. Yet, the irony is that without the teaching structure, discipline, regular practice, and drilling of the movements, I wouldn’t have developed the intuitive ability to select movements spontaneously and move so freely.

Contrary to what one may think, discipline and structure actually lead to freedom and a more intuitive way of thinking, moving, eating, and living.

Yours Intuitively


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