The Mystery of Your Existence

Adam Stansbury
Aug 17, 2022


Is a beautifully wrapped artisan crafted chocolate ball, with a rich, sweet and orgasmic core,

Wrapped in thin, perfectly placed, delicate layers of the finest gold leafed foil,

Your task in this lifetime is to unwrap that layer of foil and make your way to your divinely delicious core,

It is only by living your life fully from start to finish that you will get to unwrap and taste your sweet satisfying existence.

The Mystery is the foil that wraps around your Existence,

Your Existence is the hand crafted delicacy within,

Made by God the greatest chocolatier of all,

The one with access to all the mysterious recipes of existence.

By Adam Stansbury

If you’d like to unwrap the mystery of your existence then give me a call, I’ll fly with you.

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