Stepping into the Unknown

Adam Stansbury
3 min readJul 21, 2022

Here we go again!

My life seems to be characterised by a constant adventure into the unknown.

Stepping into uncertainty and trusting that I will be taken care of and provided for by a power greater than myself feels like my life’s work to embody and share.

In 2020 I left London for Ibiza unknowing where it would lead me.

This year I’ve left Ibiza and stepped once again into the unknown.

In September I’ll be going to Colombia to spend 2 months in a community on the edge of the Amazon before heading to Peru in November for a month-long Shamanic Initiation and master plant dieta.

I have released a new book called ‘The Journey to the Centre of your Soul’ and have just launched a new and totally unique online experience called ‘Inner Earth’ stepping once again into the unknown guided by a feeling of truth, joy and flow from somewhere deep inside me.

I’m leaving behind over 10 years of experience in a successful and award-winning career as a personal trainer, that has taken several years to pluck up the courage to make the leap, a leap that my soul has been nudging me off the cliff to take, coming from a deep knowing within that there was a much bigger journey for me to take.

Along the way, different people have entered my life, and circumstances and situations have conspired for this journey to unfold.

I’m telling you all this as an example of what stepping into the unknown can look like and do for you and why I might be a creditable source to talk about the topic.

Trust me though it’s not easy I get it, it’s both scary and exciting. I’m constantly reminding myself to let go and to trust, that I’ll always be taken care of and that I have the inner resources to make my way through any sticky situation.

My journey with plant medicines and psychedelics has certainly helped me with this. Trusting and surrendering is one of the greatest lessons that come from these deep and profound inward experiences.

So step into the unknown today, and trust that the investment of faith you have in life will be returned to you in ways you can’t even yet imagine.

How do you know when the time is right?

Because you no longer question the decision, you just know, deep down that, you have no other option than to follow your inner guidance system.

The best bit of advice I can give is that it does help to know yourself fully first so that you have a deeper understanding of your inner needs and desires. Going on a deep inward journey to discover who you are and who you want to be can be done in many ways, difficult life experiences usually show you or psychedelics and plant medicine work, such as Ayahuasca, will show you your truth.

But by also looking closely at how you relate to life around you.

  • How do you relate to your Environment?
  • How do you relate to others?
  • How do you relate to yourself?

I call these the mirrors of life. These relationships are always reflecting who you are if you stop taking things personally and understand that life is happening for you, not to you.

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