Post Ayahuasca Update 🌿

Adam Stansbury
2 min readSep 18, 2022

Wow what a wild night my first Ayahuasca ceremony here in Colombia. I’ve taken part in about 30 plant medicine ceremonies since 2014 and this was my toughest yet.

I realised that all my previous ceremonies had built up and led me to that point.

Here is the excerpt from my book that I read in the video, the full video is about 17 minutes long.


Life Has a Propensity Towards Balance

“Life has a propensity towards balance. It takes a master to upset that balance and create challenges.

Until we have amassed the necessary tools, we will never see ourselves in the experiences that require those tools.

Our greatest challenges offer us the chance to display mastery and, in doing so, trust ourselves and our lives.

As we climb out of the abyss, we see ourselves in a new way and attain a new level of mastery.

As masters, we can create imbalance, and in the imbalance, we are offered an opportunity where we have no point of reference, no one to ask, no one to go to, we’ve never had the experience before and in that no point of reference all we have is ourselves.

In that moment, we are asked to reach down into the deepest part of our being.” — Gregg Braden”

Excerpt From my book The Journey to the Centre of your Soul

Psychedelic Integration🌿

I’m now offering 1–2–1 coaching to support people in the lead up to a psychedelic experience and to help with the integration post ceremony, so that you can make the most of the experience and make sense of it.

You are not alone!

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