How To Go From Disappointment to Excitement in 3 Steps

Adam Stansbury
3 min readAug 16, 2023


Sometime life sucks ass!

In fact, life will suck ass at varying degrees and at varying times throughout your journey.

So, when it does, I have a learnt three simple steps that will take you from disappointment to excitement each time.

This post has been inspired this week by a large slice of ‘Life Sucks Ass Cake’ served to me in the form of missing out on a great role as a men’s relationship coach for an online company.

I’ve been looking for additional work recently to go alongside my own development and coaching projects which are still in their infancy.

I had been looking for a few weeks becoming increasingly frustrated from what I was seeing in the job market that would suit my skill set and then I came across a role for an online men’s relationship coach, it felt like everything was in total alignment and to cut a long story short my application was successful enough to get me a first and then second interview.

It all felt very promising from the feedback I’d received, and I was hopeful but at the same time trying not to count my chickens, which is so hard when you can see the pieces seemingly fall into place right in front of your eyes.

Well on Tuesday morning those chickens hatched in the form of a lovely long, well presented ‘thanks but no thanks’ email.

Enter Disappointment phase…

Having been in life’s theme park for a while now this wasn’t my first ride on the Disappointment Rollercoaster, so I’ve become better equipped to navigate this ride with grace, don’t get me wrong it still sucks ass but not for long, if you follow these 3 steps:

Step 1 — Acceptance

The first step in removing the suck out of life is to accept that it is happening, right now, you can’t change it, it is what it is. This will shift you immediately from the resistance that creates suffering and enable you to slip into step 2.

Step 2 — Realisation

Realise that nothing in life that is meant for you will pass you by, it can’t, that is the law of the universe, if it was meant for you, you wouldn’t be here in step 2. It’s the same for anything in your personal or professional life. Would you want to be in a relationship or have an opportunity that isn’t a full body yes for both parties, what a waste of time and energy that would be for you both. Now you’re ready for step 3.

Step 3 — Visualisation

So now you’ve accepted and realised that that opportunity wasn’t meant for you, you can visualise just how good that opportunity, or relationship that is right for you will feel when it comes. So, get yourself ready by visualising how you would like that opportunity or relationship to look and feel.

Feels good doesn’t it.

Enter Excitement phase!

And that is how you can go from Disappointment to Excitement in three easy steps.

It’s just a case of changing your perspective, getting back in the theme park and onto a new ride!

This is the energy of the Magician or Witch archetypes. They are alchemists of life, turning lead into gold, and chaos into opportunity.

My 6-week program of self-discovery Inner Earth focusses on the lessons of the Magician or Witch in week 3 when you enter The Forest.

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