Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!

Adam Stansbury
4 min readJun 7, 2021


Vegan Campout 2019

This is the title of a well-known and fantastic book by Susan Jeffers, but if you really embrace the title, you don’t need to read the book, which is ironic.

It’s ok to feel fear, it’s natural but it’s courage that helps you to overcome it and move forward despite that fearful feeling.

It is also a good sign that if you decide to be courageous and move through the fear and ‘do it anyway’, then you will be rewarded with much personal growth, such is the law of the universe in moving beyond the comfort zone and forcing your spirit to adapt, grow and evolve.

What fears are holding you back from reaching your full potential…

The fear of being seen?
The fear of success?
The fear of failure?
The fear of finally becoming the person you want to become?

Vevolution Topics 2017 where my book began…

I’ve always been such a massive admirer of great public speakers like Tony Robins, who command the stage and invoke serious engagement and emotional response from the audience, just from their words and energy.

The admiration also came from a place where, like many others I was terrified of public speaking but I desperately wanted to be good at it, as it seemed like a skill that would be invaluable in all walks of life.

I also realised that like any new skill you wish to acquire, you must practice it and the only way to become good at public speaking is to actually speak in public.

When I finally realised and embraced the cold hard facts of this epiphany, I started saying yes to every public speaking opportunity that I was offered, before my mind had a chance to scream ‘no’, I would say ‘yes’.

“Before my mind had a chance to scream ‘no’, I would say ‘yes’.”

Of course whilst I would spend hours preparing in the days leading upto the event, I would also be secretly wishing that it would get cancelled at the last minute and I would be let off the hook.

I don’t think that ever happened and if it did I’m sure I would have been disappointed, knowing that I’d missed a chance to up level myself.

Localmotion Studio, Planet Organic, Wandsworth, South West London 2018

So the more I said yes, the more I was put on the spot and forced to step out of my comfort zone, increasing my confidence and public speaking skills each time I had to stand up and give a talk.

Surprisingly enough it started to get easier, even enjoyable and dare I say exciting. Rather than rushing to get it all over with as fast as possible I also recognised that I had been gifted a platform and a moment in time where people would be listening to what I had to say, so I slowed down and slipped into my flow. Each talk was a chance to spread a powerful message, share my passion and to potentially make a difference.

That’s when things changed for me, when I started to talk about a topic that I was passionate about, one that I had a large amount of experience in and one that could ultimately make a big difference to the world around me and reduce some of the trauma and suffering that our eating habits leave behind.

Speaking to 250 people at Vegan Campout 2019

Since then I ‘ve been asked and paid to give corporate talks at organisations who are looking to provide their staff with new perspectives and to help them focus on their health and the world around them, especially as plant based nutrition is a very hot topic right now.

I’ve also been on many podcasts, online tv cooking shows, invited to write articles and wrote my book Plant Powered, which was given birth way back in 2017 at the Vevolution Topics event I spoke at (second image from top).

The ability to speak and write about what I’m passionate about was a skill that I crafted thanks to the challenging public speaking opportunities I was given. Which forced me to think deeply about my beliefs, constantly refining and tweaking my message the more I spoke and wrote about it.

Corporate talk at Oyster Partnership, London.

What was my secret?

I felt the fear and did it anyway.

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