Are you Leaking Energy?

Adam Stansbury
2 min readAug 10, 2022

With so many distractions going on around us it’s all too easy to start leaking your energy all over the place.

Externally validating ourselves through such things as social media, peer groups, relationships, society, and the media, can leave us feeling empty, low on energy and self worth.

We lose sight of ourselves and who we are when we give over our power to others seeking validation from external sources. If we do this, we will never be truly free or fully embodied in who we are. Our well-being will always be at the whim of the world and the fluctuation of other humans’ emotional response to ourselves.

Externally Validating or Internally Sourcing

Externally validating can happen when we have friends, family members, lovers, and/or spiritual mentors we look up to and rely on for their opinions. We place great importance on having them in our lives. If this changes, and the laws of the universe say that at some point it will, you are left with a big, gaping hole in your life and your sense of self. You’ll be left wondering why and how you ever gave so much of your power to another.

The only way we can ever fill that inner void is by doing it ourselves, by Internally sourcing our sense of self worth.

It can be too easy to soothe our wounds through the mechanism of arousal. Which is stimulated in many ways such as drink, drugs, smoking, pornography, sex, shopping etc

We can get locked into ‘pleasure cycles of distraction’, using external pleasures as a way to numb the pain and distract ourselves from the source of discomfort, which is ironically where we should be looking.

Observe where you leak your energy.

Which people, places and things do you give your power away to?

Protect your essence, it’s the most valuable and unique thing you’ll ever own, and which the external world is constantly fighting you for!

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