After a beautiful drive through mountains and along the coast I ended up in Alicante and booked myself into an amazing little AirBnB apartment for three nights owned by Eduardo, I highly recommend his place, it’s a perfect location in the Santa Creu area of the city, a beautiful apartment…

‘Sometimes in order to move forwards in life, we must first move sideways.’

It all came about quite suddenly on the morning of Friday 3rd December as I was pushed to breaking point, suffering from anxiety and overwhelm.

Since September I’ve been struggling to deal with the painful breakup of…

There was a time for all of us where we could only hope or dream about the life we are currently living but the process of evolution can be such a slow and gradual one that we lose perspective of where we are now compared to where we have been.

It can be a confusing time making the switch to a vegan or plant-based diet, there’s a lot of misinformation out there and much to consider, but it’s like learning to ride a bike, you fall off, learn from your errors, get back on, fine tune your approach and carry…

Adam Stansbury

Helping to shine a light on your path, so that you may see the way more clearly.

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